The Humor of It All

I’m at a tipping point. One foot is standing firmly in the role of devoted mom (24/7), the other about ready to skip off into Empty Nest Land. And the closer I look at the latter, the better it’s looking.

I love my kids. There is absolutely no doubt about it. And when they leave for college, it’s not like my devoted mother role takes a permanent vacation to Bora Bora. It is, however, a place on my “bucket list,” so the likelihood of me going there will increase exponentially when the last kid’s car is packed for college. Taillights fade around the corner, and I am free! But am I really?

As parents, our role will never change as a whole, but the landscape will. I’m kind of excited at the prospect of not having to pick up my son’s dirty soccer uniform off the bathroom floor because it…

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