K.M. Allan

The decision to start a blog is big. The decision to post to a blog regularly for the unforeseen future is even bigger. It requires time, sacrifice and takes you away from other tasks—especially when you’re a writer.

While you can argue blogging is writing and any practice makes you better—writing blogs instead of your WIP doesn’t get your book completed any faster!

Blogging does have its perks, though. Nowadays, it’s part of the “Author Platform” expected for modern writers and puts you in touch with other authors, readers and helps sell your books. But like anything in life, and even if you love it, you can find yourself in a blogging rut.

I’ve had my share of ruts since my blog launched in 2017. There have been posts I’ve loved that no one has responded to. There have been posts that took ten minutes to write that became my most…

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