Tuesday, June 11, 2019


As the CEO / manager of a business or group you are charged with the responsibility of leading them on the path to success, how you do this, and the decisions you make can have irreversible consequences that can affect the lives of the people involved. Does this sound dramatic? – well, the answer is yes, but it is also a fact.

Making decisions is what we all do every day, from when to make a cup of tea, to what newspaper you are going to buy, and in general this will affect you and your immediate circle, for example, your family, and the consequences of those decisions can be limited to your immediate circle, but once you start making decisions/choices outside of that circle for r example in a business or group on behalf of others the consequences can change dramatically, because it now starts to affect the business and individual outside of your immediate circle, and controlling the effect those decagons have become much harder, and your responsibility becomes far greater.

You are the boss; you have to be right.

As a boss/leader you are expected to make the right decisions, but life doesn’t always work like that, and sometimes you get it wrong, and you learn from that mistake, become better because of it and not despite it, but remember the dominoes are already falling because of that decision , and as each domino falls there is a different consequence, so as a leader you must act, not react, you must change the course of the domino so that the consequence becomes better, this is known as damage limitation, and is an everyday scenario in business.

As a boss, your remit is to do the very best you can for your business and the welfare of its employees, but you are not perfect and mistakes will happen, but the test of a true leader is how he acts on those mistakes, and he does not react with a knee jerk reaction. You must have a lot of self-belief in your capabilities in having an effect in a decision that has gone wrong

Always keep an eye on the domino.