Making decisions and implementing processes are an everyday part of life for us all, but the significance becomes even greater when you are running your own business because the decisions you make will have an effect on others, and based on whether you get the decision right or wrong, can make life hard for them, so the pressure is on, but you accept this because you are the leader.


How do you reduce the risk of getting it wrong? The reason some bosses get things so very wrong is because quite simply they try to go it alone, and that is mistake number one, then they try to justify what they have done because they are the boss and they are never wrong, that is mistake number two, and mistake number three is that they refuse to accept advice from there team because they don’t want to be proved wrong, so they do everything they can to make a wrong decision work, and that is just impossible.

“Creating a positive working environment increases better decision making”

Using Your Team

You have all heard the quote “there is no I in team” and that quote brings extra significance in the world of business because without the input of others you are destined to fail, and the reason for this is because you are not superman, you don’t know everything, others will see things you don’t, and what they see and do can have a huge impact on the success or failer of your business.

A team has many functions, and although each individual of the team may have a specific task, collectively they produce the best possible result, and each element of the team is essential to reach that outcome.

Creating an environment of communication, interaction, and engagement creates possibility, which in turn creates a winning team.


You are the boss, it;s down to you how your team behave, You are the one who empowers, you are the one who creates self-belief in the team, you are the one who makes things happen, but if you have all the above qualities you are 90% to success the other 10% is good old hard work.

You may have noticed that I have not used the words manager, supervisor at all in this article, and that is because if you and your team believe in what you do and your company apply good business practice, most of what you do will be as part of the team, and a good team will manage its self, but as the boss/leader it is up to you to create the conditions for all this to happen, and if you can do this YOU ARE A GOOD BOSS.